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ShoreView Park - Farmstead Challenge Park.

When we purchased Shoreview we also purchased the old farmstead next to the park.  When we purchased it we were not sure what we would do with the property but we knew we wanted to save the buildings.

One idea was to create a farming museum but Iowa has several of those already including Living History Farms.  We decided we couldn't do a better job so rather than that we should find a use for the land that would also allow us to keep and restore the buildings to be used as part of the attraction.

The farmhouse was badly in need of repair on the outside but most of it was in good structural condition so it was well worth saving in our opinion.

So that is exactly what we did.  We completely restored the old farmhouse and barn saving them for future use.

After buying ShoreView we added the challenge park  There were things we disliked about it nearly from the day we opened this new area at ShoreView however.  One it was at the back of the park.  As we continued to grow as a company we found that building challenge parks and pay attractions at the front of the park tended to help revenue from these attractions.  Two the challenge park was too far away from other pay attractions like the Go-kart track and miniature golf course.

We decided we could solve two issues at once by moving the challenge park to the farmstead property.

And here it is.

The Farmhouse seems pleased.

We added on creating space for concessions and rest rooms.

We moved the miniature golf over from across the river.

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