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Not a lot to show as far as progress since most of the work was on tweaking coasters, custom stalls and landscaping but I did create a better station for Twist and Shout.

It needs flags...

I am working on setting up on ride photos for each coaster that supports cameras.

The custom stall is just set up as a souvenir stand but I renamed the postcards to On Ride Photos and peeps do buy them form time to time.

People coming and going in the parking lot.

Maple's is a very popular place at Miller's Hollow so far.

There has been some progress on the entrance but there isn't a lot left to do up there.  The name is spelled right now though that is an improvement.

I made a hand stamp sign for the gate by the restaurants to simulate a normal gate peeps could use at meal time to leave the park for some food.

Two new additions to the Boardwalk a Vekoma Boomerang

And a Vekoma Invertigo


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